we believe buildings can be better


Create a New Trajectory

Inflexion aims to alter the course of construction and help you build better. We utilize scientific data, scientific methods, and deep focus on what truly matters. We even consider biomimicry with our designs, such as with our breathable metal cladding system that keeps heat gain away from any building's interior. The idea is based on the way a Saguaro cactus shades and vents its skin through micro-climates and undulating shape, shown in the plant's cross-section image above. We dissect and look deeply, innovating building technology to advance the industry.

Why You Need Better

Each day, 54 million square feet of commercial and residential building space is built worldwide. For the most part, these buildings are built using construction techniques and systems that have gone unchanged for 100+ years. Altogether, these structures consume 50% of the world's annual energy, and generate 47% of greenhouse gas emissions. For building owners and managers, this energy use typically represents 20% of total annual operating expenditures, negatively impacts ROI, and consumes capital that could be reinvested elsewhere. 

Commercial Building Operating Expenses

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Paradoxically, steps to reduce energy consumption normally generate only marginal improvements in efficiency with cascading, negative effects in other areas including maintenance costs, interior air quality and occupant health.


we believe better buildings can be better investments


Welcome to Tomorrow

We envision a not-so-distant inflexion point where buildings can indeed be better-built -- and vastly better investments -- through a wholistic design approach and the thoughtful combination of technology and craftsmanship. We believe you can optimize for construction speed, operating efficiency, overall marketability and financial returns all at once


better buildings change the real estate equation








Better buildings can create dramatic shifts in ROI calculations, unlock potential for reinvestment, and open up entirely new markets by addressing unmet consumer needs.